The 3 Lessons to a Successful Home Based Business

One of the things I struggled with when I decided to invest in myself was what is next, where do I start? No one it seemed had the answer for me.

Oh yes… I had plenty of folks wanting me to take out my wallet and hand them $200-$1000 for their training, and when I did invest; it was nothing but basic stuff that I already knew and it seemed like a “DEAD END” to the RIGHT information.

I never forgot how that felt… frustrated, hopeless, and confused…are some of the words that come to mind.

But THANK GOD…I found someone who was willing to share with me some simple details for FREE. It was exactly what I needed. Some really easy, but necessary information to get me going in the right direction.

I decided to share it with you. It’s the most easy, most logical way to get started.

It all starts with your mind and making good choices to that 1st investment. And the investment shouldn’t be a lot. Not at 1st…which is why you should do exactly what the video below says.

CLICK below and listen..I promise.. it’s short! 🙂

Well.. I hope that what I shared with you was helpful. I really do. I know in the video I shared something FREE. When you click below will be something FREE…but it is better than what I had in mind when I recorded that video.

As things change in this industry…we have to learn to upgrade our resources as well. So let me upgrade you and give you my BEST information ok?

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Are 401K Still a Good Plan for Your Future?

Are 401K Still a Good Plan for Your Future

I often wonder if this is still the way to go? With all the downsizing going on and folks being let go before retirement age, I have to ponder if it really makes sense to work 40 years to end up with less than you can manage for the rest of your life. I mean who wants to worry about their lifestyle at the age of 65? You should be planning vacation, and spending time with loved ones worry FREE at that age. However, more and more we are seeing “grandma and grandpa” greeting you at the front door of your local Walmart store.  Unless  it’s by choice, and I doubt that it is; they shouldn’t have to be on their feet for hours in order to supplement their retirement package, if they even get one.

This whole thing brings me to what Robert Laura, a contributor for, has recently written  in an article for the publication. He states that he believes MLM is one of the most significant solutions for retirement! Huh???? You mean to tell me that MLM’s are not a pyramid scheme??? Folks are not going to be throwing away their hard earn money into a dark hole of mixed up comp plans and greedy marketing Gurus??

Well, Let ME remain silent as one of the experts dispels some to the myths out here concerning MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Working From Home and Relationship Marketing. Believe it or Not…they are all pretty much the same in terms of the mindset.

So what does the Mr. Laura have say…I will share some excerpts from what I read…pretty cool stuff:

“At some point in your life you’ve been pitched a multi-level marketing (MLM), direct selling, or network marketing business opportunity.  While the pitch varies from company to company, it basically promises a chance to ditch your 9-5 work schedule, be your own boss, and make lots of money while making new friends in the process.” It all sounds good on paper, yet there is a seemingly endless debate over whether these companies and programs are legitimate business opportunities or not, so I dug in and got the real scoop.  As a result, I believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.”

He states that is has a lot to do with psychology than the money, which I concur. It really is about your WHY…and that varies. It can be about time freedom instead of money. It could be about the kids and spending time raising them instead of leaving the home. Get the idea?  But how does that translate to it being a significant solution you might think…well when the WHY is satisfied…it becomes a relax mode to earning. The focus becomes less about a need and more about the PASSION. And that’s where success lies.

Lastly …and I this was what Mr. Laura states:

“I no longer perceive these types of opportunities as money-making pyramid schemes.  Instead, I now see it as a way to enhance many of the personal aspects of retirement that are rarely discussed let alone planned for, with the added benefit of supplementing other popular retirement income sources such as pension and social security.

Daria M. Brezinski Ph.D, a practicing psychologist and former marketing director for a multi-level marketing magazine, echoes these same sentiments.  “Many people don’t realize that multi-level marketing companies are successful because they help people satisfy a number of important human needs, including feeling significant, having connections, learning something new, and making a difference.  I have heard people in network marketing say again and again, ‘I’m doing this because I’m meeting amazing people … making so many connections … and I feel so good about myself.’”

My reason for writing this blog is to dispel some of the myths concerning this arena and that would shine “a NEW LIGHT” on how you would proceed the next time you are faced with the an opportunity to work from home or for yourself!

I want to end this by saying I have worked out a plan for the working class in particular. You see, many working class folks think that the only way to get ahead is work hard and get educated for someone’s else business…they don’t realize you can do the EXACT SAME THING for themselves. My project is up and running as we speak and it’s where we can learn together how this works. It’ ready and we are waiting to help you RETIRE TODAY! Click on the LINK below where you can started Learning some cool online work right NOW~!!!!

Let’s STOP limiting ourselves…cause you will find the way out of the 40 hour work week is not that far away!

Talk to you Soon


CEO of Debt Killa Academy

[NO HYPE] The “REAL” On This “Work From Home” Stuff

Hello Again…Just wanted to drop some truth about making money from home. Most people think it’s all about the Money.

But really it’s about something that most people fail to see in the beginning. I know I fell victim to the false idea that making money from home is “all about the money.” When really it’s all about the People and the Process.

I know in the beginning I was told that all I had to do was post in Groups and throw my link around and people would instantly want to join me. I realized rather quickly that it didn’t work and frustration set in.

When you focus strictly on the money you will find that failure will be the outcome and soon you will be wondering if you made a mistake in getting involved in this whole “work from home” crap.

I finally got the right help from a program that was NOT HYPED up like most of the so called “Guru’s would have me believe. You must realize that the focus should be other PEOPLE that you are bringing into your business and that it takes time to learn the PROCESS.

With proper Training you can be shown exactly what PROCESS works and that it takes time to learn how to read, write, ride a bike, work a job, work a computer, etc… it also takes time to learn how to make money from home. You should take that time and you will discover that in approximately 30 to 60 days results may come for you IF you remain consistent.

I learned a lot about this! WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO BELOW. I promise that it will be worth it…

So Yes…I believe in Work From Home. I also believe that the product should be even worth more than the cost.

So inside Internet Training Academy you will learn the following:

*Get a Done for You Website
*The proper MINDSET to working from Home to set you on the RIGHT track from the beginning
*Get PAID $25 &$50 for each new affiliate you bring into my members area (100% Commissions for any package you choose.)
* For $250 you will get an 6 week program with one on one coaching from me. I will teach how to build your business from the bottom up and the right tools that are  necessary to make it happen. Just you and me for a 90 minutes per session for 6 weeks…this is a steal.
*Membership for LIFE without any hidden fees.
*Training that will teach exactly how talk to your prospect for the BEST results.
*An Opportunity to Upgrade to Automation for just $1.00

I believe in Over delivering …so that people who join will gain confidence in this space. If you are struggling or just curious about what this all about. Click below to gain access to my website. I am still putting together the members area so I will inform all when the website is available.

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I hope this was helpful, no matter if you get more info or not…cause I believe in sharing the stuff that makes a difference in your success.

Till the next time….


PS…I will be letting you know bits and pieces to keep you updated on my progress ok?

How to Create a Landing/Squeeze Page in Less Than 5 Minutes

Most people who want to work from home think that you need all these technical skills to get started. You really don’t. BUTTTT…You do need tools.

Anyone who is marketing or sharing there business online and doing it without tools is sorta spinning their wheels.  Even if you are having success, you may be able to increase your success by having the appropriate tools inside your business.

A page creator is one such tool that you need to successfully and efficiently share your business across the net. Without capturing your targeted leads …you might as well just start taking up sewing…cause you will be frustrated in the short term.

So to make this super easy…I have a short video below for you to watch. It will share how to set up your squeeze/landing/sales page in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

You will not need coding or any technical mumbo jumbo… Watch below and I will show you just how easy this is.

Now wasn’t that simple. We teach you how to do that and so much more.  For example:

*How to attach it to your autoresponder (I will go into that in my next blog)
*How to send out the right emails
*Where to Get the Best Traffic…

You know the stuff that will put money into YOUR pocket. It’s the reason why we are doing this in the 1st place right?

So how do you get a hold of this good stuff… Just click on the button below and I will share more info with you. Oh and by the way…I’m in the promo… 😉


I hope this was helpful, no matter if you get more info…cause I believe in sharing the stuff that makes a difference in you success.

Till the next time….


PS…I will talk be doing a review on an Autoreponder and the Best one for Your Business…There is a difference!


Before I go into the 3 TIPS;  you need to know this ONE fundamental thing. If you are not building a list of responsive subscribers to your business, then you are not in Business…PERIOD!

I know that sounds kinda harsh…but it’s a fact. You need to know the things that are going to work in your business…even before you start your business. Not building a list is like filling a bucket with cash…and there is a BIG GAPPING
hole in the bottom and FRANKLY, My Dear…YOU’RE LOSING MONEY!!!

So How do we do this thing….Build a list?? Glad you asked because this brings me

 TIP #1

You must have a GOOD Auto-responder. An Auto-responder is a marketing tool in which you gather people or “subscribers” who are interested in your business, content, information, program, music…etc. It’s really important to have this piece of information. Secondly, not all auto-reponder are the same. Just because a companies offers an auto-responder in their package…doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a GOOD ONE! You should be able to know:

  •  If your subscribers are even getting your emails in their inbox?? And…
  •  If they are, are they opening them?

Make sure you get an auto-responder that will give you:

a) Good deliver-ability and…
b) Statistics of who is reading /opening your email

This will help you weed out those who truly have interest in you and what you’re branding And who may eventually take action from the content you send them.


TIP #2

I mentioned Statistics in the previous tip. Here is what you can do with that. You can target the folks who actually opened your email. You can find them on Google plus if they have a Gmail email account or on yahoo, if you have a yahoo account.  I recommend you have at least one Account in each of the major email providers. This way you can connect with subscribers and you can also test your emails to see if they are being seen properly on those email providers.

Another thing you can do is just email them back and ask questions like:

  •  How did you like my email? (RE: Give the Title and highlight the best
    content in your email.) or
  • Asked them if they had any questions or what stood out for them.

ENGAGE with your subscribers…cause guess what? They are people at the
end to that  .com 😀


TIP #3

BE  CONSISTENT!!  Help them know that they’re just not going to opt in your list and be ignored! That you intend on inspiring, giving good content, sharing your experience, giving them the best tips and training (anything you learn…just share it), and you’re going to always ask question and expose a bit about yourself.

Email Lists are for building relationships and the best in the
industry knows that it’s a major KEY to success in this industry.

This will help you maintain good responsive subscribers.

Well that’s it for now.

Before you go, I wanted you to know about the auto-responder that I use! You can Also have
access to an entire marketing tool suite, training and BONUSES!

So if you want more information about it, just click right here ===> THE RIGHT TOOLS

If what I said inspired you and you just want to have instant access to the tools suite… then just put your information On the right side at the top of the page and get access immediately.

Either way I have an awesome game plan for you that will help you in your business, so I hope you Take advantage of this…cause I’m not quite sure how long it will be available.

Thank you for stopping by my blog…I hope this will help you grow as GREAT ENTREPRENEURS!

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Amongst The Nonsense, I Discovered Gems

Dang! Sometimes we want to get straight to that “sweet spot”…where all the Cash Flow lives. And who can blame you right? After all this is the reason you wanted to work from home…so that the money will pour in while you’re off doing whatever you wish. But there is one important thing you must do 1st…


Here is a true story…and maybe this will sound familiar to you because you may have done this exact same thing. You see people think that when you invest in yourself that means you are wasting money! Which is not true…in fact it’s the complete opposite. We invest in ourselves everyday…but we don’t invest to yield a return. That’s why most people are either ONE paycheck away from poverty or are looking for that “perfect” job that will take care of ALL their expenses. Both of which are typically non- existent. Take a look a real conversation I have had numerous times …and see if you see the logic in what I had to say to this prospect!

Them: “No but…I heard it was no garantee
I would make Money..”
Me: “Have you tried the program?”
Them: “I don’t know if I will make money?”
Me: “Ok you didn’t…so you are going to by
pass the over 180,000 members and thousands
in sales since 2005?”
Them: “Yes…but I’m scared!” (that’s most people)
Me: But have you planned on College? They
promise a job and a great future
…but do they always deliver?
Them: “Yeah you might be right about that!”

The thing you MUST remember is that you No matter what you do … NOTHING is promised!
You can spend $1000s for a degree in college and not end up with a JOB….that is happening
more and more even.


You can make a $1.00 investment…get a 15 day training…(NOT 4 years}… and MAKE $1000s… That’s the Gem inside the NONSENSE we do without thought.

I wonder if you see the GEM in the middle of this Nonsense.  The Nonsense is to not see that investing in yourself is a plus and the Gem that is right in front of you!

Here is what you are missing out on…


Let’s get you started today..I’m waiting for you.

See Ya Next Time


Welcome to another episode of Vlogging with Sha

In today’s vlog I will be going through a Review of the Legitimate Jobs that are being spoken online.

My question is, are there legitimate jobs online that you can into for FREE and make the kind of money you would make if you had a regular 9-5 job.  Maybe…but I doubt that you can get that job without any self investment.

Think about it, if they’re jobs online that you needed absolutely no experience or education that pays you like $50,000 a year, which is just enough to get by in today’s economy. Don’t you think EVERYONE would be doing this?

Take a look at the video below and check out my review and let me share my thoughts about this concept of Legitimate Work From Home Jobs.

Well.. I hope that what I shared with you was helpful. I really do. I know in the video I shared something FREE. When you click below will be something FREE…but it is better than what I had in mind when I recorded that video.

As things change in this industry…we have to learn to upgrade our resources as well. So let me upgrade you and give you my BEST information ok?

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